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Onto this page I presently put things which I intend to use later on, and which I find very interesting already now - so, as is the policy of this website, I present them as they can be found in the net, with some explaining remarks and with the full link - please tell me if a link turns out dead : please give a short note to the e-mail address given below.

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Test your browser for JAVA performance Test : Rotate a molecule with JAVA Taken as is from a SUN Corp. JAVA demo. MS IE6 does NOT want to do it automatically.

Presently it's not needed on this website.

You might want to check with SUN to get the plug-in VM.
Do you want to know about abbreviations, like e.g. INDO, PPP
what they mean, where they were created in the original literature?

Be patient : this server IS slow - but sure like a clock.
Set up by Dr. W. Huber, Hoffmann-LaRoche and Lecturer at the Univ. of Basel, Switzerland.    
Want to download some nice Hückel programs and some links, for Windows? Huckel Program Source : Linker, LIT consulting, www.oraxcel.com.
G.-J. Linker is a quantum chemist by training.
ICON-EDiT is a FORTRAN program package (compiled) that performs Extended-Hückel molecular orbital and oscillator strength calculations on molecules. The complete program package can be downloaded. Program sources, examples and a manual are available as well. EHT Package Copyright © 1997, by


G. Calzaferri, Univ. Bern, Switzerland.

BICON-CEDiT is a set of FORTRAN programs that perform extended-Hückel crystal orbital and oscillator strength calculations on solids. The complete program package can be downloaded. Program sources, examples, manual and k-point sets are available as well. Verified MathCad programs and unverified MathCad programs used in the Calzaferri Group. Programs for all kinds of operating systems.
One of the lists of QC and QM books to be found in the internet. QC books Actual list of July 2002.    

Working brain
This page is some sort of a container of things to be included - yet somewhat unstructured so far . . .

I am working on this here thing as much as possible - don't grumble - just keep on dropping by. Thanks!!!
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