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The direct link to this book at Wiley's here.

    Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 18

    Clustering Methods and Their Uses in Computational Chemistry.
    (Geoff M. Downs and John M. Barnard).     This part is (presently,7/2003) freely available at Wiley's here.

    The Use of Scoring Functions in Drug Discovery Applications.
    (Hans-Joachim Böhm and Martin Stahl).

    Potentials and Algorithms for Incorporating Polarizability in Computer Simulations.
    (Steven W. Rick and Steven J. Stuart).

    New Developments in the Theoretical Description of Charge-Transfer Reactions in Condensed Phases.
    (Dmitry V. Matyushov and Gregory A. Voth).

    Linear Free Energy Relationships Using Quantum Mechanical Descriptors.
    (George R. Famini and Leland Y. Wilson).

    The Development of Computational Chemistry in Germany.
    (Sigrid D. Peyerimhoff).     Some parts here.

    Examination of the Employment Environment for Computational Chemistry.
    (Donald B. Boyd and Kenny B. Lipkowitz).

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