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Clemens C. J. Roothaan

Roothaan in 1999        Clemens C.J. Roothaan was born in 1918 in Nijmwegen, The Netherlands. He commenced studying electrical engineering at Delft, Netherlands, in 1935. Due to the problems of World War II and the German occupation of the Netherlands he was persecuted because of his ethnic background and was brought first to a prisoner of war camp in the Netherlands were he, together with other imprisoned professors and students, could perform some calculatory work in physics, under the formal guidance of and for the Dutch Philips industrial company; after that he was detained in a concentration camp for one year. His theoretical work for the Philips company was recognized after the war in 1945 when he received his Master's degree on this basis.
Roothaan could obtain a postgraduate fellowship at the University of Chicago, physics department, where he started in 1946. At that time there were Fermi, Teller, Goeppert-Mayer and Robert Mulliken at the faculty. Goeppert-Mayer had got Roothaan a post with Herzfeld at the Catholic University at Washington while he actually worked for his Ph.D. thesis with Mulliken on semiempirical MO theory ... [continued below] ...

At left C.C.J. Roothaan in 1991.

Craig Burleigh Photography © 1991

Let us now continue Roothaan himself with his own biography.
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The full paper may be found in :

C.C.J. Roothaan : My Life as a Physicist : Memories and Perspectives.
J. Molec. Spectr. (Theochem) 234,1-12 (1991).

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And now: THE CLASSIC of LCAO MO Theory

This paper was the most cited paper of the years 1945-1954 (source: Citation Index).

C.C.J. Roothaan : New Developments in Molecular Orbital Theory.

Rev. Mod. Phys. 23, 69-89 (1951).        Read it here.
Get it in one single chunk - 8 MB! - here.

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