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Gerald Segal : Semiempirical Methods of Electronic Structure Calculation.

                   Title Page of Semiemp ...                              The following shows the preface and the contents of G. Segal (ed.), Semiempirical Methods of Electronic Structure Calculation,Parts A and B. They lend themselves now (2002) quite well to demonstrate the spirit of a time (1977), shortly before these methods gave way to the ab inito methods. Segal around 2000

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Preface to Volumes 7 & 8 :

Preface1 Preface1 Preface1

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Part A (Vol. 7) :

Contents VolA 1.jpg
Contents VolA 2.jpg
Contents VolA 3.jpg
Contents VolA 4.jpg
Contents VolA 5.jpg

Part B (Vol. 8):

Contents VolB 1.jpg
Contents VolB 2.jpg
Contents VolB 3.jpg
Contents VolB 4.jpg
Contents VolB 5.jpg

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