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Oktay Sinanoğlu

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Oktay Sinanoğlu Kitabi
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O. Signaloğlu receives the TÜBITAK Award from the hands of Turkisch premier Cevdet Sunay in 1966.

Despite his successes in the USA, O. Sinanoğlu has always remained close to his homeland Turkey. He tried to influence Turkish educational policies, be that in the sciences or in cultural areas in general. This in turn was honored by many rewards and the recognition he received in Turkey and elsewhere. I have been told that O. Sinanoğlu also has public appearances on the Turkish TV Channel 7 ever now and then.

     Oktay Sinanoğlu ‘nun B Ü Rektörü Abdullah Kuran ‘a mektubu.

Rector of Bogazici University

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27 Temmuz 1974

         The letter of Oktay Sinanoglu to Mr. Abdullah Kuran,

Rector of Bogazici University

Translation and Translation-© : Metin Kilci

27 July 1974

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