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Turkish text and/or the photos originate from :
türk aynstayni
Oktay Sinanoğlu Kitabi
Söylesi: E. Caykara
© Türkiye İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları.
Istanbul, Turkey, 2002.

Oktay Sinanoğlu

Turkish Natural Sciences and Education

Sina-Net-imge.jpg Sinanoglu's own website since 2003 Sina-Net-bayrakhalk2.gif
                   Some of the people shown on this website (Early Ideas ...) 
                   opened up new companies (e.g. Pople, Pariser),
                   quite a few went into university administration (e.g. Segal, Ohno),
                   others again wound up in government institutions of all sorts
                   (e.g. Condon, Shull),
                   and a good part of them never stopped and continued as 
                   professor emeritus (e.g. Parr, Orchin).

                   Oktay Sinanoğlu in turn 'went public' in modern
                   Turkey, where there is a lot to be found under
                   Oktay Sinanoğlu in the ('Turkish') internet.

                   Oktay Sinanoğlu apparently is a known public figure
                   in modern Turkey : He appears on TV, writes books, 
                   probably has good connections with many Turkish universities.

                   His (by this website assumed) influence on the Chem. Dept.
                   at the University of Yildiz can be seen if you go into the table below.
                   And in this respect it is not incorrect to also show this 
                   rather fascinating other aspect of O. Sinanoğlu.

O. Sinanoglu, Educational Ideas (1974).

Presently unfortunately only in Turkish.

Folks out there - please gimme a hand with translations! The translator will of course be cited. (The Çaykara prefaces are indeed in the course of translating). Presently I will just start with a few arbitrarily collected links: All these sites are in Turkish. Make sue you set the language code on your browser.
Science in Turkey : Sinanoğlu, Barut, Gürsey ...
Reference to another book by the author O. Sinanoğlu
If your browser seems to have problems try to get it from here.
Something longer about O. Sinanoğlu in another link. Please note: This link disappeared so quickly when it was published here, that I thought it might be fairly .... Just get it from my archive right right here.
If you want to look at the Turkish Universities, here is a brief survey. I understand that O. Sinanoglu is especially connected with the University of Yildiz.

QC teaching at Yildiz University (slow server), look for courses 3052 (6th semester) and 4511 7th sem.) :

QC at Yildiz Private Turkish Universities :

A list of Turkish Universities may also be found under :

This survey was prepared by C. Özay whose help is greatfully acknowledged.

Please note : There are special character sets for the Turkish language and they use different browser-language settings. You have to live with this - until Unicode becomes general. There is no general recipee, it all depends on your borwser and its settings.

This problem may be experienced here in the character sets in HTML code. The Turkish charset=windows 1254 and charset=iso-8859-9 mean: you may not get the pictures with IE 5.5 and IE6 and/or you may get a blank screen first (click it away). To view the pictures as well you must go to VIEW/'Language Code' (or ANSICHT/'Codierung') or something similar and change it in Europe to 'Automatic Language Recogn.' and 'Westeuropean (Windows)'.

Place Link to University Univ./ Language Univ./ charset= Link to Chem. Dept. Chem/ Language Chem./ charset=
Bilkent Bilkent University engl.+ turk. windows-1254 Bilkent chemistry engl.+ turk. iso-8859-1
Bogazici Bogazici University engl. + turk. windows-1252 Chemistry Department turk. iso-8859-9
Gazi University Gazi engl. windows-1254;
Chemistry Department
slow server
engl. windows-1254
Ege Ege University engl. windows-1252 Chemistry Department engl. windows-1252
Yildiz Yildiz University
Server appears to be at times extremely slow!?
There are 15% uploads (?),
they presently (8/02) do ping you from while connecting.
engl. iso-8859-9 and
Chemistry Department

This website's 8/2002-copy of their
QC courses. (In Engl. & Turk.)

In case that you also want to have a look at the Chem. Faculty under FIZIKOKIMYA ANABILIM DALI ÖGRETIM KADROSU:click here.
turk. windows-1254

Sina-Intv1.jpg As mentiond in this context, O. Sinanoğlu appears to be a somewhat controversial figure in Turkish Science and Education.
I guess (since I do not understand Turkish) that a fairly critical interview (in Turkish) can be seen/heard right here.
His involvement as a Yale Prof. in Turkey certainly seems to have it's effects.

Ahem ....
Sorry friends - this thing disappeared from the net very quickly after it appeared here -


The sound track can be heard from my archive on this website right here.

Good, old MP3, 16Kbps, MS-MediaPlayer 6.4 or 7.01 should bring it. The low quality of the sound was mainly already inherent in the original :

Introduction by the interviewer - 0.5 MB, 04 min.
Sinanoglu Interview - Part 1/4 - 1.1 MB, 10 min.
Sinanoglu Interview - Part 2/4 - 1.2 MB, 10 min.
Sinanoglu Interview - Part 3/4 - 2.3 MB, 19 min.
Sinanoglu Interview - Part 4/4 - 0.8 MB, 07 min.

And the same here as "WAV MPEG Layer3 Format" (as *.mpx, probably better, you may have to rename it after downloading as *.wav in order to play it.)

Introduction by the interviewer - 0.5 MB, 04 min.
Sinanoglu Interview - Part 1/4 - 1.4 MB, 10 min.
Sinanoglu Interview - Part 2/4 - 1.5 MB, 10 min.
Sinanoglu Interview - Part 3/4 - 2.8 MB, 19 min.
Sinanoglu Interview - Part 4/4 - 0.9 MB, 07 min.

Press Releases

/PressReleases/TRPressRV2.jpg From the office of the prime minister of Turkey under :

Summary of the political and economic news in the Turkish press this morning 25.03.2002


In the leadup to the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic, Turkey’s future concerning such issues as democracy, politics, law and economics will be discussed during the “Forum Istanbul” to be held in Istanbul on Tuesday and Wednesday. At the forum, experts will discuss Turkey’s place in the world from 1923 to 2003, and attendees will include President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, Deputy Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz, State Economy Minister Kemal Dervis, Harvard University’s Benjamin Friedman and Dani Rodrik and Yale University’s Oktay Sinanoglu as well as internationally prestigious figures from the economic, scientific and political worlds, including Fatih Terim, Cem Kozlu and Vural Oger. /Aksam/

Zeit-Fragen2.jpg Another one of Sinanoglu's activities as viewed by the press: An Extract from an article to be found here.

 Artikel 5: Zeit-Fragen Nr. 36 vom 10.9.2001

Grundrechte, Rechtsstaatlichkeit und Völkerrecht versus Krieg

IX. Kongress «Mut zur Ethik» in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg)

Vom 31. August bis zum 2. September 2001 fand in Feldkirch, Österreich, der IX. Kongress der Europäischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft «Mut zur Ethik» statt. Mehr als 60 Referenten aus 20 Ländern Europas, Afrikas, Asiens und Nordamerikas trugen zum Thema «Grundrechte, Rechtsstaatlichkeit und Völkerrecht versus Krieg» Beiträge zur Analyse der gegenwärtigen globalen Situation zusammen und erörterten Alternativen zur Macht- und Kriegspolitik. Im Zentrum stand dabei die Erinnerung an und die Berufung auf das Recht – unverzichtbar in einer Zeit, in der reine Macht- und Interessenpolitik über Menschenrechte und Grundlagen des Völkerrechts hinweggehen.

...... Erschütternd und lehrreich war auch, was Professor Oktay Sinanoglu aus der Türkei berichtete. Das Land befindet sich im Würgegriff des Internationalen Währungsfonds IWF, die Politiker des Landes sind mehr fremden Mächten hörig, als dass sie der eigenen Bevölkerung dienen. Zu Schleuderpreisen kaufen ausländische Konsortien riesige Ländereien in der Türkei auf; Land, das zuvor einer in den Ruin getriebenen Landwirtschaft gehörte......


...... Moving and educating was also what Professor Oktay Sinanoglu reported from Turkey. The country is in the grasp of the International Money Foundation (IMF). Politcians of the country are listening more to the foreign powers than rather serving their own population. At low prices big syndicates are buying huge lands in Turkey. Lands which beloged formerly to a rural population driven into ruin .....

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