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Gabriel Kron

1901 - 1968

Gabriel Kron

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                   Gabriel Kron was born in 1901 in Nagybanya (Baia Mare)in the Carpathian Mountains in Hungary. He and his brother reached New York in 1921 as immigrants. Both brothers entered Michigan Universitiy the same year after learning English the fast way. Gabriel Kron later took a job with the Lincoln Electric Company in Cleveland and presented his first paper in 1930. 1931 with Warner Brothers. In 1934 he joined General Electric and worked there in various departments, all concerened with applied engineering. Doctor of Engineering - 1936 : note of Univ. Michigan. His books and 100 papers were written on weekends and at night. Gabriel Kron retired in 1966, died from a fatal illness in 1968.

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(1) G. Kron,
Electric Ciruit Models of the Schrödinger Equation.          Read it here.
Phys. Rev. 67, 39-43 (1945).

G. Kron
Numerical Solution of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations by Means of Equivalent Circuits.         And read that one here.
J. Appl. Phys., 16, 172 (1945).

Gabriel Kron
1901 -1968

The following short note about Gabriel Kron was found in the internet 8/2003, precisely here.
Casazza: Gabriel Kron, a very fascinating man. What I could do with the history of Gabriel Kron. He was thrown out of the University of Michigan. I'll tell you a little bit about him that's not in my book; I did something else. He was thrown out of the University of Michigan because he was always fighting with the instructors, at something like sixteen. He decided to work his way around the world, and came to Hollywood. He was very brilliant. He had so many problems because his professors were a couple of light years behind him. He got back to Hollywood, signed a contract for $10,000 or so to work on his new experimental movie camera, and the company that gave him the contract paid him the money up front and went bankrupt. So he had a year or two with no work to do. He came to New York City. In the public library he started to read books on mathematics and became the inventor of something called tensor analysis. It became quite important but then he worked for GE. He was unusual and was not easy to work with because he was ahead of his time. You have to mention him in the history of electrical engineering because he was a character....

Book listing (no ad) taken from alibris.com 8/2003.

Yet another reference to G. Kron, 8/2003, - from here
Andrei Petrov described Kuznetsov's work on the method of tensor analysis for the handling of physical systems of extreme complexity, based on earlier work by the American engineer Gabriel Kron, whom Kuznetsov held in high esteem. Petrov also recounted the origin of the discovery of the significance of what Kuznetsov called the "Principle of Conservation of Power," for the understanding of living systems as well as physical economies, whose evolution proceeds in the opposite direction as that implied by the so-called Second Law of Thermodynamics. ...

Also: Gabriel Kron. Tensors for Circuits. Dover Publication, Inc., second Edition, 1959.

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H.H. Happ (ed.)
Gabriel Kron and Systems Theory.
Union College Press, Schenectady, NY 12308,USA, 1973
ISBN 0-912156-02-0
Library Congr. 72-89636





Introduction H. H. HAPP 1
The evolution of an engineering scientist PHILIP L. ALGER 5
On G. Kron's methods and achievements BANESH HOFFMANN 19
G. Kron and large-scale systems engineering THOMAS J. HIGGINS 37
Kron's contributions to the theory of induction motors PHILIP L. ALGER 43
Damping and synchronizing torques og induction motors CHARLES CONCORDIA 53
Kron's tensor analysis J. W. LYNN 65
The development of diakoptics H. H. HAPP 83
Application of Kron's concepts to the field of system engineering HAROLD CHESTNUT 121
The influence of G. Kron in the United Kingdom ALFRED BRAMELLERAND D. W. MORTIFEE 143
An Oriental expansion of Kron's science beyond electrical engineering KAZUO KONDO 153
APPENDIX Publications of G. Kron 165

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